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Future - The Takeover
Teкcт пecни исполнителя Future - The Takeover

Verse 1
Call me the Future, AKA the Takeover
Cause God sends bars so hot, I’m bound to takeover
It’s inevitable, I ain’t got no choice.
Especially since it’s not me writing it and it’s not my voice.
And you guys winning is not a choice,
Dog, I’m locked in and bro, you ain’t got no options.
Especially when I start to poppin,
My Bible goes (blaaaattt) and these sinners start dropping.
I’m warm now, but you gon know when it’s hot when
Gospel rap sells to the top of the charts, man.
And sinners with cold and black hearts, start running to the
altar and confessing their faults man.
Yeah it’s my fault man, along with my Father’s.
You suckers retaliating please don’t bother.
You jokers is warm, but I’m hotter,
Somebody’s got to win this thing, just not yall brothers.

Yeah, this is the Takeover,
Future baby, and Wise-Up records, the Takeover
(Repeat 3X)

Verse 2
My Father is so flamboyant,
That he’ll flame you and your boys if you’re not on it.
Figure my rhymes hot, Figure my rhymes are anointed.
Figure you with Satan, figure you probably don’t want it.
Won’t you touch you, but the principalities I’ll whoop on it.
Battle against Christ, you leaving disappointed.
Cause I’m young like Jeremiah with an early appointment.
Jokers said that I was supposed to preach,
But man I’m trying to get in these streets, get on the block,
and get back with my peeps.
Not in God’s will that any should perish,
Don’t be embarrassed if the Lord’s calling you.
Be obedient and go, that’s the worst thing you could do,
Hear God talking and say no.
Boat broke, without a float, ask Jonah if you don’t know.
Listen I’m trying to show yall the Future, boy.
New Saints, this ain’t nothing that you used to boy.
Stop looking at Christ like he’s a useless toy.
Realize this is serious, it’s life or death.


Verse 3
Don’t make me make an example out of you,
Team Jesus business get handled and blamming at your crew.
With scripture, never beef, but we can handle that too.
No talking, leave the rambling to you and you dudes,
Slow speaker, quick listener but peep what we’ll do.
We’ll creep you, sin seek you, then let God handle you.
I’m a conqueror, more than one conqueror, conqueror times two.
Like the running back I’ll Csonka ya, don’t ever test dude,
(Why?) Cause he’s the Future, he’s Constantine the Fulfillment
He’s the one all the cool Saint’s wanna chill with.
Saints bananas for Christ, that’s who he peels with.
Flesh shots I kill with, Test not his children.
Hip-hop and secular rap stars I’ll kill them.
Iced out and big whip wimps I don’t feel them.
Take mine, to the next level don’t want to be near them.
God elevated me, everything signed and sealed.

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