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Future - They Call Me
Teкcт пecни исполнителя Future - They Call Me

Verse 1
Holy writn’
When it comes to spitting for Christ I’m priceless.
Take a shot at killing my spirit you might miss,
Telling you like this, I’m the Future of the rap game, doggy I can’t miss.
Might miss, when? Don’t wait I go get sin like right then.
Strong holds I don’t fight later I fight then.
Sin late, I probate that and lock in…
Watch out for boy-boy I be preachin your peeps up,
Spit a flamer rhema word, have em picking their feet up.
Walk right from walk left, preachin and teach what?
Romans 10:9 and 10, confess and believe, bro.
My walk so hot I be heating the streets up,
And the flow so tough I be beatin the beats up.
Need a glimpse in the Future, just gaze on me bro.
I’ll show you how it’s about to go down.

They call me the Future for a reason
Cause I’m what yall need to get used to.
(Repeat 3X)

Verse 2
Pardon the Future dude, for having a snooty-patoody attitude.
But I feel like Parker Lewis in Christ I can’t lose.
Spirit like godzilla, stomp you little dudes.
Spirit like David Banner, monster in a little dude.
Don’t look at my stature
Look at the aftermath after my path crossed your path, a disaster
I’m a rapper slash youth pastor slash disaster for you sin-sinking
And I ain’t wildin’ I’m talking to the fatherless.
With no Christ in your life then why bother kid?
You mess around hot and bothered kid.
Swimming around in Sheol dog Gehenna the pit
Well Future, him is a pit
And a team full of rottweilders so back back little chiwawas
Before the boys start biting and stop growling,
Forget roaring lions, raging bulls on the prowl


Verse 3
Ayo, you know what my flow is,
Rhyme every time and doggy I’ll show you I’m focused, line after line
Not me, just know what my hope is.
Christ the divine, one and only Messiah,
So unique, so divine, John 15 nah mean
Never prune me from the vine,
Spit sixteen at him (Bang), gon fall in line
Sick team behind me, never let me fall behind.
Never envy Lil’ B, just motivate me to climb.
So come get me if you wish he put he flat on his spine.
Use Scripture to shake my way out and to get me out these binds.
This ain’t a game or a gimmick
It’s just slain man of God that I mimic.
Try to get with my rhythm
Spit isms and schisms at you like sneezes and they bless you.
Secular rap, like a cold in the winter I’m about to catch you.
Don’t fear me, just fear the God in me.
And hold up are ya’ll hearing this beat.

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