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Assassin - Forbidden Reality
Teкcт пecни исполнителя Assassin - Forbidden Reality

In the land of myth and tales the forbidden temple lies
Hard to reach, hard to find
Jungle surround that ancient place
Already the last priest is dead, no one alive
It is the secret of the old temple

Where no one stepped in for the hundred of years
Because of the fears
It is the unknown hidden place

Near by the door, broken by storm
An unknown symbol is
It's dark with dust and turned in black
But it shining without light
No reasons for these odd events, is it not true?
We are the living masters of life

Who have to behave and have to be brave
So what we are save
We have fences all over the place

We can't tell truth, no clear thinking
Does the temple influence us all?
No true exist in front us all
Isn't that all possible
Try to think and understand about place
Of the temple
If it gets destroyed and burned down
We will live again

Already the last priest is dead, no one alive
It is the secret of the old temple
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